Tay Ho Apartment

Purpose of the simulation:

The project is divided into three main parts:

  1. The architect wants to check the wind direction impacting the house at different times of the year in order to arrange suitable doors and ventilation slots.
  2. The architect wants to check if the current openings are arranged in a reasonable way for ventilation.
  3. The architect wants to check in the case of winter when all the doors are closed, which positions in the house will be blown by cold air.


After many simulation runs, SAO has produced the following results:

  • Assessment of the impact of wind on the building's shape to provide an overview of how wind affects the shape of the building, helping architects to make it easier to determine the appropriate building renovation plan.
  • Output simulation results and evaluate the effectiveness of ventilation of openings through wind direction and wind speed at different wind seasons.
  • Analyze the path of wind after modification to identify the advantages and disadvantages in terms of ventilation for architects to be able to modify the design to the best possible.
  • Identify the positions where wind can blow into the house when all the doors are closed in winter.
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