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Energy Efficiency

Human spend approximately 90% of their time indoors (for living, working, studying, playing...). So comfortable and safe living environment are important functions of building.

Comfort is the feeling of satisfaction in the environment that included 4 main elements: air temperature, air quality, lighting and sound. All of these things depend on the conditions of the environment, the human physiological and psychological conditions. So comfortability is a subjective concept that different on each person.

Thus, energy consumption is a mandatory condition to ensure comfortability envinronment. Many buildings may lead to lack of comfort if not using energy.

However, will we gain more comfort when we consume a lot of energy? Living in a home with double energy consumption can achieve double comfort?

NO. The answer is NO.

Reality and experience show that we can fully achieve the necessary comfortability and significantly reduce the energy consumption of the building at the same time. The most typical example is the trend of green building design, energy-saving buildings become popular and compulsory in many countries.

In Vietnam, green buildings are still in the early stages of development and need to be scaled up to be the main trend of the civil construction industry in the future.

When we have comfortability environment in the building with the optimal energy consumption, combined with the great quality of space, we have an energy efficient architecture.

Simulation Analysis Optimization
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