Design, built and manage an energy saving building may be a hard and complicated task. Energy simulating can help you analyze the movement of energy through space and volume. The result can help designer make better choice to decrease price, improve efficiency, and decrease the affect to environment of buildings.

In a whole life-cycle of a building (about 30 years), the initial costs for design & construction take 36%, but the cost for operation and maintenance take 64%.

The costs for maintenance and operation more important than the total cost for designing and construction at least 2 times.

This clearly prove to us about the important of designing and managerment a energy efficient building


We will advise you to choose a service that suits your project or integrate multiple services at once:
- Architectural concept
- Building comfort
Depending on the function of the project or the role of the customer, we will have appropriate consulting solutions.

For the project:
We provide simulation solutions for all types of building to help customers solve the current problems in the most optimal way.
- Factory.
- Office buildings, trade centers.
- Community building.
- Townhouses, villas.

For the customer role:
Depending on the role of the customer, we will advise the best simulation product to suit the needs of customers.
- Investor.
- Design consultancy.
- Architects, engineers.